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How It Works

our process

Our support model is mainly oriented to fulfil your needs flexibly and efficiently. We provide you distinctive range of services and support you in every step starting from product selection, customization, sampling, mass production and a continuous lifetime support. 
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Step 1

Product selection / customized design.

Our engineering team is eager to study your requirements carefully and provide the suitable ready-to-apply sensor solution. It is important for us to save your time and to offer the optimal possible sensor for a direct application and according to your needs. We offer standards sensors as well as customer customized sensors as required. If you have any questions, about sensor solutions for your application, please send your requirements to and we will support you.

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Step 2

Sampling and results evaluation.

The next step after product selection is, we prepare your sample as agreed. We provide the sample with discounted prices and short delivery time to help you to initiate your project/development. We also support you using, mounting, testing the sample. Our engineering team is also ready to support you evaluating the test results. We are always ready and open to redevelop/adapt our sensors to meet your requirements, as continuous development is a our philosophy and an important key of success.

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Step 3

Support for installation and sensor integration.

"Plug and Play" sensor solutions is our expertise. Our sensors are designed for direct application. We provide our customers with sensor solutions with easy mounting and with the most common interfaces to save your time and efforts. No further development is needed by the customer side. We design the sensors as per the wished mounting option and interface to make it ready to get integrated into your machine/application.

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Step 4

Mass production support with short delivery time and planned as per the yearly/monthly demand of the customer.

In this stage, it gets ready for the mass production. Our production plant is equipped with innovative production technologies, reliable modern processes, efficient management system, effective quality control and extensive production planning. Our experienced production team is eager to implement our know-how effectively to meet the expectations of our customers. We are very careful and committed to provide our customers with short delivery times. We also offer the option of a "blanket order" to get the demanded quantities available in stock on time.

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Step 5

Aftersales extensive lifetime support and consulting.

Our outstanding lifetime support is one of our most important keys of success. After sales support plays an important role in customer satisfaction. We listen to our customers, ask for a feedback and invest in an excellent customer support. Moreover, we provide our customers with a good reverse logistics system. We are ready at any time to support our customers to get the needed datasheets or documents or any other after sales requests. We provide lifetime sensor availability, fair prices for spare parts inquiries and the express manufacturing option for urgent cases. We also offer our OEM customers a product protection (if requested), with special coded product numbers.

We guide you through the process each step of the way.

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”
Albert Einstein