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Engineers who can successfully implement innovations are highly valued at YUTTAH. Although innovation at YUTTAH is not restricted to engineering functions. At YUTTAH we strive to be the best in all we do. That means innovating in everything we do from finance to HR to manufacturing to marketing.



is a leading manufacturer of customized sensor solutions

YUTTAH is a leading manufacturer of Sensor Solutions, located in the United Arab Emirates. “Sensor means Smart” is our philosophy at YUTTAH to provide our customers high-tech sensor solutions. It is our main goal to help our customers to fulfil their needs. Our quality products are designed flexible to meet the application requirements of our customers. Our mission is to help our customers in the engineering phase to reach the wished results by providing customer customized sensor solutions. Our team is highly excited to help you in the stages of your development as well as providing a lifetime support. The combination of our know-how, quality products, flexible customized solutions, extensive lifetime support, and our experienced team is the right solution for you.

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